Chimney Cleaning

fireplace-chimney cleaning and inspectionFor your annual chimney cleaning and inspection, Tor Chimney & Fireplace utilizes the latest technology in the industry to perform a thorough and professional service. Every work area is prepared with drop cloths and uses a HEPA vacuum for a dust free experience before the chimney sweep process begins. When sweeping and inspecting a chimney, the time needed to complete a thorough job may vary due to the accessibility and difficulty of the task. The goal is to remove soot, carbon, and combustible deposits within the chimney liner.

Chimney Cleaning in PA & NJ

Every truck is equipped with a video inspection system that is used with every chimney cleaning service call. The video inspection system ensures the integrity of the fireplace and chimney for continued use. At times, additional tools and techniques are needed to clean and inspect. When a homeowner uses wet wood and burns at low temperatures for a long duration during the heating season - glazed creosote is formed and baked onto the lining system. This type of creosote will not sweep out with a brush and has to be mechanically whipped out with a rotary system. Though the best and most certain chimney cleaning procedure is a chemical treatment.