Real Fyre Gas Logs: Vented vs Unvented

real fyre gas logs installation

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Real Fyre Gas Logs Installation

Real Fyre gas logs are a great option for lovers of gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, or both. They provide the efficiency and convenience of gas fireplaces along with the look and feel of wood fireplaces. Real Fyre logs can be installed in vented or unvented fireplaces depending on the type of log, and each type has its own pros and cons.

Vented Real Fyre logs:

  • Look more realistic
  • Must be installed in a functional wood-burning fireplace
  • Produces soot

Unvented Real Fyre logs:

  • More efficient heating system
  • Can be installed in a wider range of fireplaces
  • Some local and state codes do not allow unvented Real Fyre logs

Installations are a specialty of ours at TOR Chimney. For more information on how we install gas inserts and fireplace appliances, please see our installations and gas fireplace insert service pages.

Get Real Fyre Logs Today

Are you interested in upgrading your home with an efficient, beautiful and affordable heating system? You should consider looking into Real Fyre gas logs installation as your next investment. Contact us to here on our website to schedule a consultation, and we’d love to talk to you about getting an element installed to suit your needs. The holidays are almost here, but the winter season will last the next 3 months. Make sure your home stays warm this season with Real Fyre logs.

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