The Many Uses for Fireplace Ashes

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The holiday season is in full swing, and chimneys all over PA are sparking up again. As families come home for the festivities and gather around the fire, it’s good to know that your chimney and fireplace are well-maintained. Cleaning out your ashes regularly is a great idea, but is there anything useful you can do with them instead of throwing them in the trash?

Uses for Fireplace Ashes

The answer is yes! There are several clever everyday uses for fireplace ashes that you might consider this holiday season.

  • Melting ice. Ashes melt ice without damaging the soil or pavement underneath.
  • Purging skunk smell from fur. Rubbing some ash on your skunky cat or dog can eliminate the odor.
  • Enhancing compost. Lace a few ashes into your compost before applying it to soil to increase its effectiveness.
  • Hide driveway stains. Scuff ash into your pavement to hide stains of lighter color.
  • Clean your fireplace door. Applying ash to your sponge will allow you to easily scrub sooty residue off your glass door.

For more handy fireplace ideas, check out our blog post on how to properly store your firewood.

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