Tips for Maintaining Your Chimney

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Hi there! We are TOR Chimney, trusted providers of chimney repair Lansdale PA. We are a small family business with a big vision, and we are committed to providing quality service to the homes of our community. TOR Chimney technicians are trained specialists in all areas of chimney and fireplace maintenance. Our expertise includes inspections, cleaning, repairs, installs and more. We’re the premiere chimney professionals in the Lansdale PA area, and loyal friends to our neighbors and patrons.

As the holiday season rolls around and families come home to gather around the fireplace, there’s no better time to think about the safety and maintenance of your chimney. Everyone gets their chimney cleaned once a year, but it’s always a good idea to keep your chimney well-maintained.

Tips for Maintaining Your Chimney

  • Burn hot fires. Keeping your fires well stoked while they burn is a good way to reduce creosote & chemical buildup in your chimney. Hot, blazing fires will burn more cleanly and emit fewer chemicals.
  • Sweep out your ashes. Sweep out your fireplace frequently to prevent large piles of old ash and dust. This will provide for cleaner fires and an overall better chimney experience.
  • Inspect your chimney for obvious faults and damage. Look at your brick lining from the outside to see if any cracks, loose bricks, or discoloring has occurred. Any one of these would be hazardous, and warrants professional intervention.
  • Make sure your flue is operating properly. Test your flue mechanism and verify that it opens and closes without issue.

Need a Repair?

Do you think that you might need a repair, or any other service that we offer? Get in touch with TOR Chimney as soon as possible to get your job done! Set up the date and times that would be best for your consultation, and we’ll meet with you to talk about your home and needs. For a breakdown of the repair services that we offer here at TOR, please visit our repairs page.

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