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How to Choose a Masonry Contractor

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Home masonry tasks, like chimney and fireplace installations or repairs, can be a daunting prospect. When considering a job, it is vital that you take care to place the your house in the right hands. We are TOR Chimney & Fireplace, local Montgomery County PA masonry contractors. We are a company of chimney and fireplace experts devoted to providing our community with the highest level of technical work and customer satisfaction.

We post weekly blog content to keep our customers and communities well informed. Today we’d like to give you some tips on finding the right contractor to service your home.

Selecting a Contractor

There are a number of things you should try to find out about a particular company before hiring them for a masonry job.

  • Find out how much they will charge for the job
  • Find out what the payment plan looks like
  • Get some references from past customers
  • Make sure that they have proof of insurance
  • Find out how long they will take to complete the job
  • Look into how long their company has been around

It is always good practice to follow these steps for as many local companies as you can to compare how they stack up, and make an informed decision from there.

Hire Your Masonry Contractor Today

Hopefully you are feeling motivated and prepared to take the next steps toward selecting a company for your home improvement ventures. As a final pointer, it is a great idea to start your search by looking into our very own services here at TOR Chimney & Fireplace! Just check out our about page for a quick rundown of our services and qualifications.

Once you are ready to take the next step and talk about the details, please reach out to us and schedule a consultation!

What Types of Stones are Used in Fireplace Mantels?

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Picking the style, colors, and strengths of your fireplace is a very exciting—and very daunting—project. Many of these questions will be answered by the type of stone you choose, each of which comes with a laundry list of pros, cons, and subcategories of its own. As the leading fireplace experts and masonry contractors in Bucks County PA for the past 16 years, we’ll help you make the right decision.

From the initial consultation all the way through installation and follow-up, we’re ready to answer your questions. You may be wondering if your chimney needs repairs, or whether or not a gas fireplace is right for you. Every step of the decision-making process here is important, and before you know much else about your dream fireplace, you should know a thing or two about your stone options.

Types of Stones for Building Fireplace Mantels

There are many kinds of stone that can be used in a fireplace mantel, but here are some of the most popular ones, which also stand up fairly well to the heat generated by most hearth fires. Here is a list in descending order of typical pricing, starting with what is generally most expensive.

Soapstone. A soft stone which stands up very well to heat. Good for all types of fireplace.

Marble. A beautiful stone available in many colors. Good for all types of fireplaces. May chip over time.

Granite. A great down-the-middle option with many color options. Rough. Good for all types.

Slate. An uneven, sedimentary stone. Durable, but can chip or crack at high heat. Good for gas and electric fireplaces.

Limestone. Very affordable. May get very hot around the mouth of the hearth. Good for gas and electric fireplaces.

Get Your Dream Fireplace with Help From Our Bucks County Masonry Contractors

Think you know what you want in your fireplace? Ready to get your dream fireplace installed, or just start the consultation process? Contact us to set up a consultation today so we can answer your questions and get your home the fireplace it deserves!

A Proven Stucco System

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With spring in full bloom and the struggles of shoveling 28 inches of snow as a dull memory, the most popular repair for chimneys this time of year is stucco resurfacing.   After a long and cold winter, the freeze thaw effect takes its toll on any masonry structure.  If a chimney has any type of small crack or defect in its surface, it has the ability to wick water inside of it’s mass.  When enough water is absorbed and the air drops to freezing temperatures it tends to pop or delaminate the face of a brick, cinder block, and or stucco finish.   This is usually when a homeowner notices pieces of brick or stucco laying on their roof shingles in the area of the chimney.

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