Patching Brick Chimney with Stucco

can you stucco over brick chimney

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Can You Stucco Over Brick Chimney

The short answer is that yes, you can use stucco to repair a brick chimney. But in order to make a meaningful and lasting repair, you’ll need two extra steps before applying the stucco.

  • First, make sure you clean out the chipped brick to leave a sturdy foundation, with no loose pieces.
  • Second, you’ll want to apply a concrete bonding agent to the brick foundation. This will help the stucco stick to the brick and ensure lasting quality.

Along with these two steps, you should be able to mix the stucco and apply it to the desired area for a practical and simple repair. If the damage is major, you should first talk to a professional about your situation before attempting any patchwork or repair.

Many damages and fault lines in chimney brickwork can be indicative of other problems. Even in the case of minor damages, it is always worth consulting a specialist to be certain that your chimney is in a safe and functional state. For more information on signs your chimney needs repair, please see our blog post on the topic.


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