The Many Benefits of Gas and Wood Stove Inserts

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Hi, and welcome to TOR Chimney and Fireplace. We are a fireplace and chimney service company located in the Montgomery County area. We specialize in inspections, cleanings, repairs, installs and more. The goal of our company is to provide affordable and quality service to our community and neighborhood. We are a longstanding family business with deep roots in our local culture, and we are committed to making the wonderful homes of Montgomery County more beautiful by the day. We provide the finest inserts and materials of any fireplace stores in Montgomery County PA, and we’re proud to do so at competitive rates.

Fireplace Stores in Montgomery County PA Love Inserts

Fireplace inserts are essentially small heating systems that can be installed in any existing fireplace with functional ventilation. They employ cutting edge technology to provide the most efficient possible heating per energy consumed. Gas and wood stove inserts are two of the most popular insert types. Although they both provide greater energy efficiency, security and environmental cleanliness than traditional fireplaces, they each have benefits over the other in different areas.

Gas inserts:

  • Marginally more efficient heating
  • Switch on and off with greater convenience
  • Require less maintenance

Wood stove inserts:

  • Provide the classic “wood burning” aesthetic
  • Provide real “wood burn” sounds and smells

For more information on each of these options and how they can fit into your home, please see our blog post on the benefits of wood stove inserts, and our blog post on the benefits of gas inserts.

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If you’re interested in getting a wood stove or gas insert installed, contact us and request a consultation. Having trouble deciding between these two popular insert types? We’d love to talk it through with you and provide you with the solution that best fits the needs of your home. There are even more options besides these two, and our expert technicians will be more than happy to explain your options to you and inform you on which installation is best suited for your specifications. So get in touch with us today and get started on your path to home improvement.

Why You Should Leave Installs to Professional Masonry Contractors

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The Best of Fireplace Stores in Bucks County PA

We are TOR Chimney & Fireplace, a home heating service company. We service all kinds of fireplaces, including wood stove, pellet stove, traditional wood-burning, gas fireplaces and more. Our range of services is comprehensive, and covers everything from inspections to cleanings and repairs to installations. Our team includes a wide range of experienced masonry specialists, dedicated to providing the Bucks County area with high quality service. Although fireplace stores in Bucks County PA can provide you with all kinds of additions and materials, it is best to hire a professional like one of ours to install fireplace elements in your home.

Leave Installs to the Pros

Here at TOR Chimney & Fireplace, we offer a wide range of services. Some of these services, such as a basic cleaning or inspection, can be completed by a homeowner or general handyman. But some of the more complex jobs should not be attempted by anyone other than a chimney and fireplace professional. Installing a heating appliance in your home can be very difficult, and if you don’t know the best practices, it can be costly and hazardous as well. An improperly ventilated appliance could pollute your home with toxic or combustible fumes. Alteration or removal of masonry could cause lasting structural damage to your home. Even for the DIY handyman, this is nothing to mess around with.

Although some other tasks can be completed to some effect by an informed homeowner, it is always best to go with a pro for anything more than a simple cleaning. Our years of experience means we have the knowledge to complete all projects safely and effectively. Please see our blog post on why you should have routine, professional cleanings for more info.

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If you’re interested in getting an insert or other heating appliance installed in your home, be smart. Contact a professional to do the job right and save yourself the trouble down the line. Request a consultation here at TOR Chimney. We’d love to talk to you about your needs and provide you with a quote for the job you want done.