Patching Brick Chimney with Stucco

can you stucco over brick chimney

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Hello there! Welcome to TOR Chimney, a family business operation in the greater Philadelphia area. We are a small local business that loves to invest in our community. TOR Chimney employs specialists in each stage of the chimney maintenance lifecycle, and our technicians are trained to carry out every possible job to the highest quality. Whether you need a cleaning, repair, inspection or installation, you can trust TOR Chimney to get the job done. Even if you just have a question like “can you stucco over brick chimney?”, we’re here to support and guide you.

Can You Stucco Over Brick Chimney

The short answer is that yes, you can use stucco to repair a brick chimney. But in order to make a meaningful and lasting repair, you’ll need two extra steps before applying the stucco.

  • First, make sure you clean out the chipped brick to leave a sturdy foundation, with no loose pieces.
  • Second, you’ll want to apply a concrete bonding agent to the brick foundation. This will help the stucco stick to the brick and ensure lasting quality.

Along with these two steps, you should be able to mix the stucco and apply it to the desired area for a practical and simple repair. If the damage is major, you should first talk to a professional about your situation before attempting any patchwork or repair.

Many damages and fault lines in chimney brickwork can be indicative of other problems. Even in the case of minor damages, it is always worth consulting a specialist to be certain that your chimney is in a safe and functional state. For more information on signs your chimney needs repair, please see our blog post on the topic.


Need a repair done professionally? Interested in having a damage inspected? Got another problem or task that needs the attention of a qualified technician? Head over to our consultation requests page to get in touch with us and set up a time that works for you to talk about your chimney or fireplace needs. We’d love to help you out.

Real Fyre Gas Logs: Vented vs Unvented

real fyre gas logs installation

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Hi there! We are TOR Chimney & Fireplace, a family business based in the greater Philadelphia area. We’re a local, community-focused operation that takes pride in the homes and families that we service. We are an expert team of technicians, specialists and handymen, and masters of every task within the chimney and fireplace ecosystem. For jobs as big as installs and as small as inspections, we take care to provide excellent and expert service on every call. Whether it’s a Real Fyre gas logs installation or a simple repair job, TOR Chimney is the premiere local service provider to get the job done.

Real Fyre Gas Logs Installation

Real Fyre gas logs are a great option for lovers of gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, or both. They provide the efficiency and convenience of gas fireplaces along with the look and feel of wood fireplaces. Real Fyre logs can be installed in vented or unvented fireplaces depending on the type of log, and each type has its own pros and cons.

Vented Real Fyre logs:

  • Look more realistic
  • Must be installed in a functional wood-burning fireplace
  • Produces soot

Unvented Real Fyre logs:

  • More efficient heating system
  • Can be installed in a wider range of fireplaces
  • Some local and state codes do not allow unvented Real Fyre logs

Installations are a specialty of ours at TOR Chimney. For more information on how we install gas inserts and fireplace appliances, please see our installations and gas fireplace insert service pages.

Get Real Fyre Logs Today

Are you interested in upgrading your home with an efficient, beautiful and affordable heating system? You should consider looking into Real Fyre gas logs installation as your next investment. Contact us to here on our website to schedule a consultation, and we’d love to talk to you about getting an element installed to suit your needs. The holidays are almost here, but the winter season will last the next 3 months. Make sure your home stays warm this season with Real Fyre logs.

Chimney Repairs Under Homeowner’s Insurance

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Flemington NJ Fireplace Repairs

The cold winter weather is rolling in. If you have lasting damages or faults in your chimney or fireplace that need repairs, then there’s no time like the present! We are TOR Chimney, a Flemington NJ fireplace and chimney company. We are a family business that has been operating successfully within our community for over 15 years. If you’re looking for a chimney service provider with the experience and prestige of a much larger institution, but the personality and customer focus of a local small business, then look no further.

TOR Chimney is a one-stop-shop for all your fireplace and chimney needs. We are experts in every task within the chimney and fireplace life cycle, including inspections, cleanings, repairs, installations and more.

Homeowner’s Insurance for Chimney Repairs

Believe it or not, under some conditions, chimney repairs can be covered by homeowner’s insurance. There is a clear distinction between cases that are not covered and those that are. Damages as a result of normal wear and tear over time are considered the responsibility of the homeowner to prevent through careful operation of the appliance. Repairs for these issues are not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

However, if in any case a sudden and unexpected event leads to chimney damages, those repairs will be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Chimney fires, lightning strikes, and many other unexpected disaster can demand repairs that homeowner’s insurance will cover for you. These cases can arise from complicated circumstances, so it is always best to do more in-depth research on your specific situation. That said, this is a reliable rule of thumb to follow for most cases of chimney repair under homeowner’s insurance.

For more info on our repairs and procedures, please see our repairs service page.

Get Your Chimney Repaired

In need of a repair or chimney work this holiday season? Get in touch with us here at TOR Chimney to schedule your consultation. Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages, TOR Chimney will get the job done. We look forward to hearing from you soon!