Why Should You Install a Gas Fireplace?

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About Us

We are TOR Chimney & Fireplace, a team of the best masons and fireplace technicians in the NJ area. We are the number one provider of gas fireplace inserts NJ. Our wide range of specialties includes all kinds of chimney and fireplace maintenance. We are well equipped to assist you in any step of the chimney and fireplace life cycle. It is our philosophy at TOR Chimney that the fireplace plays an essential role in the modern home. We are passionate about our projects and installations. The relationships we build with our customers are made to last, just like our installations and masonry.

Here’s why you should choose TOR Chimney to install your gas fireplace and enjoy a cozier home.

Why You Should Install a Gas Fireplace

Here are some of the reasons we believe it’s worth it to install a gas fireplace in your home.

  • Gas insert installations are time and cost efficient
  • Gas fireplaces burn safer than wood
  • Maintenance of gas fireplaces is easier and cheaper
  • Gas inserts can imitate the classic “look” of wood-burning fireplaces
  • On/off switch provides convenience and eliminates wood/log-related chores

There are many reasons to love gas fireplaces. Getting a gas insert installed in an existing fireplace, whether it is functional or not, is always a viable option. Please see our blog post on wood-burning vs gas fireplaces for more information on the benefits of gas.

Looking for Gas Fireplace Inserts NJ?

Choosing a type of fireplace for your home is a big decision. The fireplace you select will set the tone and ambiance of your space for years to come. If you have made decision on an install, or need help deciding, contact us for a consultation. We would love to make you one of our valued customers. We are prepared to install whatever fireplace or insert you desire, and advise you on what type would be best suited to your preferences.

The Sweeper’s Skillset

flemington nj chimney sweepFlemington NJ Chimney Sweep Authority

TOR Chimney & Fireplace is the trusted Flemington NJ chimney sweep. We’re a local family business and community staple with over 15 years of success under our belt. We take pride in the Flemington NJ area, and the families and homes that we call our clientele. We specialize in a wide range of fireplace and chimney related services. This list includes installations, makeovers, inserts, inspections, cleanings, and repairs. A lot of expertise goes into completing these tasks, and each one benefits from deep mastery of masonry.

A trained chimney sweep offers much more comprehensive care for your chimney than a general handyman. This is important for many reasons, and your home safety often depends on the quality of care that your chimney and fireplace receive.

Chimney Sweep vs General Handyman

Chimneys are delicate ecosystems that need expert service in order to perform at high efficiency. Due to the nature of the materials burning in many chimneys, dangerous chemicals and flammable residue can build up in your chimney over time if it is not tended to properly. A specialist chimney sweep has a particular set of skills and equipment which allow him or her to effectively sanitize your home beyond the ability of a general handyman. These include…

  • Cutting edge video inspection tools
  • HEPA vacuums
  • Ability to identify the presence of dangerous chemicals
  • Mechanized rotary systems used to carve out chemicals baked into chimney lining

For more info on the unique skillset of chimney cleaning professionals, see our blog post on why you should leave chimney cleaning to the pros.

Get Your Chimney Swept

If your chimney is in need of a routine cleaning or inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your consultation. If you think there may be some issue with your chimney related to chemical buildup or neglect, please act as soon as possible. It’s never a good idea to take risks with the safety of your home, and we here at TOR Chimney are ready and willing to help. It is important that a professional be involved in the health and safety of your chimney and home. Trust TOR Chimney – you’ll be in good hands.

The Cleaning Needs of Wood Fireplaces, Gas Furnaces and Pellet Stoves

Mercer County NJ chimney sweepsInfo from Mercer County NJ Chimney Sweeps

Hi there! We’re TOR Chimney & Fireplace, a local family business. It is our mission to be the most trusted and effective masons in our community. We are Mercer County NJ chimney sweeps who boast a wide range of chimney and fireplace expertise. Our common contracts include cleanings, inspections, repairs, installs, and cosmetic details. We take pride in the homes of our neighborhood, and take personal interest in every job that comes through our doors. To find out more about our company, please visit our home page and read on.

Cleaning Wood-burning Fireplaces vs. Gas Furnaces vs. Pellet Stoves

Each of the three above systems has its own pros and cons, and each one of them can make a wonderful addition to a home. Although different complications may arise with these systems, as long as the homeowner understands the risks and benefits of each, there is no reason for him or her to worry. Today, we’re going to talk about the issue of regular maintenance and cleaning when it comes to these three options.

Wood-burning fireplaces are by far the most difficult to clean. Due to the chemicals released during wood-burning, soot, creosote, and other dangerous materials can build up in wood-burning chimneys over time. Proper cleaning of these chimneys is important, and should be conducted regularly.

Gas furnaces are easier to clean. Maintenance of a gas furnace or fireplace insert can often be conducted by an informed homeowner with little professional assistance. However, the quality of the air ventilation should be inspected by professionals from time to time to ensure efficiency.

Pellet stoves are fairly simple to clean out routinely. However, the electronic circuitry and fan systems are a bit more delicate and complex. It is a good idea to have a professional take a look at your pellet stove system every once in a while to perform some basic maintenance on the more intricate bits.

Need Your Chimney Cleaned?

Every chimney and heating system is different in the level of maintenance it requires. But all heating systems should be inspected and maintained by professionals from time to time. If you want a trustworthy specialist to inspect or clean your heating system, get in touch with us today and schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!