Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

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Here at TOR Chimney & Fireplace, we’re committed to doing right by our customers. Our business has been a local staple for over a dozen years, and we’re proud to provide the quality chimney repair Bucks County relies on.

Our trained technicians offer a range of chimney repair services. Whether it’s a repair, an installation, a cleaning or an inspection, TOR Chimney & Fireplace is the experienced contractor for the job.

Today, we’d like to highlight the topic of chimney damage and chimney repairs, and tell you about some signs of chimney damage to look out for. Here’s some local advice from Bucks County PA chimney repair specialists.

Chimney Repair, Bucks County PA: Do You Need It? 

There are a number of issues that can build up in your chimney over time. These can lead to potential hazards as harmful as house fires or longstanding structural damage to your home. Here are some things to check for if you think there might be a problem with your chimney:

  • Moisture in the chimney or fireplace
  • Dampness in wallpaper around chimney/fireplace
  • Corroded mortar joints (around the brickwork)
  • Loose or deteriorating bricks in your chimney
  • Chipped slices of chimney/flue tile building up in the fireplace
  • Cracks in your chimney crown
  • Strange odors coming from fireplace/chimney

Luckily, here at TOR Chimney, we’re more than prepared to handle the problem. As you can see on our chimney repairs page, we go to great lengths to do these repairs as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Think You Have a Problem?

If you identify any of the above issues with your own fireplace or chimney, please do yourself a favor and get in contact with professionals, before your safety or your home may be compromised.

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The Many Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Providers of Gas Fireplace Inserts in Bucks County PA

gas fireplace inserts bucks county pa

TOR Chimney & Fireplace is the premier community-driven provider of gas fireplace inserts in Bucks County PA. Here at TOR, we are committed to giving our local neighborhoods the best services and options available on the market when it comes to their fireplaces and chimneys. We have faithfully handled the fireplace needs of Bucks County for over 15 years, and the consistency and quality of our work is something we take pride in.

In this blog post, we want to tell you about the benefits of gas fireplace inserts, a feature we’ve proudly installed in many homes in the area. Learn all about what makes this popular feature so appealing.

What Are Gas Fireplace Inserts?

Gas fireplace inserts are the leading home-improvement technology when it comes to fireplaces. These are steel-shell systems that are installed in existing, outdated masonry fireplaces in order to repurpose them into efficient heating appliances. The finished product of one of these insert installations is a fully functioning, ventilated and charming gas fireplace that can even mimic the appearance of a classic wood-fueled fireplace.

Why Are Gas Fireplaces Superior?

Gas fireplaces offer many benefits to a household. Compared to wood-fueled fireplaces, they are…

  • Easier to maintain
  • Require less cleaning
  • Easier to operate
  • Safer

When burning wood up through a chute in the wall, many issues can accumulate over time. These include creosote buildup, pollution of air quality, the generation of soot, ash, and more. These things not only pose inconveniences and waste a lot of time, but they are potentially harmful to your household and its inhabitants.

Request an Install Consultation Today

The installation job itself is perhaps the most important moment of your fireplace maintenance life-cycle, and as you might read on our installations page, poor work here will cost you down the road. So have your home treated by Tor Chimney & Fireplace, the provider of gas fireplace inserts Bucks County PA trusts!

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What Are Chimney Inspections?

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TOR Chimney – An Experienced Company

TOR Chimney & Fireplace is the trusted and community-focused chimney inspector in Bucks County PA. Serving the area for over a decade and a half, we’ve gathered a great deal of knowledge and experience in chimney and fireplace installations, repairs, cleanings and inspections. Our range of expertise makes us the ideal one-stop-shop for all of your chimney and fireplace needs.

We love our neighborhood, and we’re proud to say we consider ourselves a local company first.

Bucks County Chimney Inspectors: Types of Inspections

Chimney inspections can be broken down into three basic categories, or levels, based on the intensity and severity of the inspection called upon:

  • Level 1 chimney inspections consist of routine visual checks. Our inspectors will look at the fireplace, the flue, and the chimney to look for blockages, chemical buildups, and the proper function of all components. These are usually performed once a year with your annual cleaning.
  • Level 2 chimney inspections involve many of the elements from level 1, only they’re focused on a problem area or recently serviced component. These usually occur off-cycle, when other work done on your chimney has altered it in some way or if an issue has cropped up and demands attention. Inspectors perform visual checks and closely examine the recent work or component issue.
  • Level 3 chimney inspections involve every aspect of 1 and 2, with the addition of requiring the removal and replacement of some structural element in order to fully examine a problem.

For greater detail on these, see our article on the three levels of inspection

Make TOR Your Chimney Inspector of Choice

If you’re experiencing an issue with your chimney or fireplace, don’t hesitate! Contact us today and request a consultation. We’re confident you’ll see the benefit of a comprehensive chimney and fireplace service company keeping your home safe and comfortable.

Trust TOR Chimney For Your Annual Cleaning

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Here at TOR Chimney & Fireplace, we believe the fireplace plays an essential role in the household. Whether you’re entertaining guests, gathering with a few old friends, or enjoying a quiet night in, the fireplace is sure to serve as a focal point. And when it’s time to get your chimney cleaned, count on us to be the chimney sweeps Bucks County PA trusts.

TOR Chimney has been servicing chimneys in your area for 16 years. We specialize in chimney construction, stonework and repairs, so we’re more than qualified to handle a simple sweep to ensure your fireplace is ready for winter. Lean more about our thorough, professional chimney cleaning service.

Bucks County is full of beautiful homes—and beautiful fireplaces. For more information about keeping your fireplace clean, read on.

How Often Should I Clean My Chimney? Answers from Bucks County Chimney Sweeps

Neglecting to clean your chimney can significantly compromise the safety of your household. A blocked chimney, a malfunctioning flue, soot accumulation and creosote buildup are all common issues that can accrue over time and cause problems as horrible as…

  • Carbon monoxide emission
  • Smoke damage
  • Chimney fires

For a comprehensive analysis of these dangers and inconveniences, please see our blog post on the importance of chimney cleaning.

We at TOR Chimneys recommend that you have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year. If you’ve experienced any of the issues listed in the section above, you should complete these tasks even more often.

Many home insurance plans raise premiums if a home chimney is not maintained at least once a year, and with good reason, as it can be hazardous to put off a cleaning any longer.

Get Your Chimney Cleaned Today!

There are no finer chimney sweeps in Bucks County than TOR Chimney & Fireplace. We utilize the latest technology and thorough practices to ensure each and every clean is deep and lasting. You will not regret making us your go-to provider for all of your chimney needs.

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